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Lamb's Mill Wellness Inn

Lamb’s Mill Innkeepers are dedicated to promoting concepts of wellness through nutrition and Nikken products.

Breakfast Recipes

Lamb’s Mill Inn has a well-deserved reputation for serving hearty and delicious country breakfasts!

Visit The Art Studio

Innkeeper Sandra Tardo-Long invites you to visit her art studio to browse and perhaps find something to take home with you as a remembrance of the beautiful lakes and mountains of Maine.

Lambs Mill Inn Specials

Lamb's Mill Inn offers a variety of Specials and Packages at different time of the year.
Specials and Packages

Lamb's Mill Inn is a Wellness Inn

Lamb's Mill Inn promotes Wellness through Nikken Products and Nutrition

Lamb's Mill Inn gives you the opportunity to experience an environment of total wellness in our "Wellness Room."  The Dorset Room is outfitted with enhanced Nikken technology products that help you maximize the benefits of a relaxing stay in a space dedicated to re-vitalizing, de-stressing and energizing your body.  You can breathe mountain fresh air, drink and bathe in living spring water and sleep in a system that encourages rejuvenating sleep.  You should return home truly refreshed, ready and able to cope with the normal daily stresses of life. Visit Nikken Wellness

Nikken Shower Head

Nikken Water Optimizer

Nikken Shower Head

Nikken Water Optimizer

Nikken Water Purifier
Nikken Air Purifier
Nikken Water Filter Unit
Nikken Air Filter

This room features brilliantly designed products.  Slip into the comforting cocoon of a magnetic, ionic, antibacterial mattress.  Lay your head on an ergonomically designed magnetic, far-infrared, ionic pillow, and wrap yourself with the magnetic, far-infrared, ionic, antibacterial duvet comforter.  It will be a night's sleep you won't soon forget.

Nikken is a company offering wellness solutions for over 30 years and was founded in Japan in 1975.  Operating in more than 35 countries, it has a 5A1 Dun & Bradstreet rating.  They are true innovators in wellness, incorporating 3 of the earth's natural healing technologies into their products, creating synergy.

Energetized Magnetic Technology promises restful, invigorating sleep.  Far-infrared Technology allows for balanced temperature control and all night comfort.  Negative Ion Technology helps one to relax and de-stress.

Sandy and Laurel have become Nikken Wellness Consultants and are passionate about sharing this information to their guests to help them understand how they can have a more balanced, healthy, happy, life-style.  Once you discover Nikken and live it, you too, will want to share it!

Visit my Nikken Wellness Site

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